The Bachelor of Arts in Music Industry Leadership and Innovation program gives music business students a foundation in design thinking and strategic leadership within the music business and prepares them to identify new opportunities, develop innovative solutions to solve problems, and better meet the needs of both creatives and consumers.

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A Music Business Major for Non-Musicians

With no audition or instrument proficiency required, the program provides access and opportunity for non-musicians/performers to pursue a career in the music industry.

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Berklee's First B.A.

Listen to Tonya Butler, chair of the Music Business/Management Department, and R. Michael Hendrix, global director of design at IDEO, introduce the new Bachelor of Arts degree and how it equips students with the design-thinking skills needed to be leaders in today's industry.

Press Release

Berklee Announces Bachelor of Arts in Music Industry Leadership and Innovation Program for Fall 2022

“The Bachelor of Arts in music industry leadership and innovation does not require an audition, yet is still a highly selective and competitive program designed for students with a strong desire to impact, change, and even disrupt the music industry of today."

—Tonya Butler, chair of the Music Business/Management Department


Getting an Edge

How Innovation and Design Thinking Boost Music Industry Careers

The new Bachelor of Arts in Music Industry Leadership and Innovation program is training students to imagine and create the music business of the future.

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