Nandini Samanta

Class of
Berklee College of Music

Pronouns Used: She/Her/Hers

Hometown: New Delhi, India

Principal Instrument: Voice

Major: Music Production and Engineering

Minor: Commercial Record Production

Languages Spoken (other than English): Hindi, Bengali

Describe your favorite Berklee experience so far.

When Berklee turned 75 in 2020, I got an amazing opportunity to perform in The Show: A Celebration of 75 Years, hosted by Rob Lewis and Ash Rodriguez, which was an online concert featuring 12 student artists. Rob and Ash asked me to perform an Indian song and shoot a video for it that showcased my hometown. I was really honored and felt grateful. It was an amazing experience to prepare for something that was going to be aired at such a large scale.

When you think about your favorite class so far, what is one example of why you enjoyed it?

I took the Qantara Ensemble in the 2021 spring semester, and it was one of my favorite classes ever. I got to learn and work on a bunch of Middle Eastern musical pieces, and also made some amazing friends in that class. Most of them were from all over the world and played many interesting instruments that I finally had a chance to witness—like the Chinese dulcimer, the tar, oud, Arabic violin, dombak, etc.

What is your favorite part about studying and living in Boston? 

Boston is a beautiful city. Since it is an old city, there is a lot going on, from museums to aquariums to baseball games. Then comes our beautiful college at Massachusetts Avenue and Boylston Street, and the fact that Berklee is located at the heart of the city makes it even more interesting. The campus is a very lively place, with professors who keep us motivated and peers who inspire us with their music.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone applying to Berklee College of Music or Boston Conservatory at Berklee?

Believe in your music. It is special, just like you. Embrace it and give your best. The world is scary but you do not need to be scared of anything as long as you have faith in yourself and in your craft. Select the musical piece for your audition that defines you the best, and perform it with all your heart and soul.

Where is your favorite place on campus?

The studios are definitely my favorite places on campus!

Why did you choose Berklee?

I was fascinated by the fact that Berklee is a college for music and music only, which meant I would be surrounded by music, with no distractions. Also, Berklee's diverse community was something that attracted my attention, since I am originally an Indian classical musician. I have had the opportunity to get to know of music from various parts of the world, which helps me grow even more as a musician.

What are your plans for after graduation?

I want to be a really good tracking and mixing engineer, and that's the ideal dream. So I would like to start by assisting some engineers and gaining some experience, and then slowly move on to holding sessions in the studio by myself.

What have you enjoyed most about the live shows you’ve been involved in at Berklee?

Due to COVID, my journey so far has mostly been in a remote condition, but I am really looking forward to being involved in live shows at Berklee, doing live sound.

Where do you hope to perform this coming year?

I really hope to perform in the Berklee Performance Center this year.

Your social media channel/web URL?

Instagram: @voca_people 

Facebook: Nandini Samanta