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Berklee Music Therapy Ecosystem  

With one of the largest undergraduate music therapy degree programs worldwide, Berklee College of Music works to advance the field of music therapy forward through the development and innovation of best practices.

We approach this work through three strategic areas- pre-professional training, cross sector engagement, and program development. We develop and train future music therapists through our undergraduate program, facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration among experts in academia, healthcare, technology, music, and public policy through the music and health institute, and utilize these networks and identified health disparities to inform program development for under resourced communities within the Greater Boston Area through the Center for Music Therapy. 


Through our three programs and initiatives, we connect, innovate, and accelerate the development and implementation of best practices in the field of music therapy. 

  • Undergraduate Programs

    The Music Therapy Department prepares students to be leaders in the field of music therapy. As a department staffed by leading experts in the field, we are committed to providing learning experiences that allow students to explore a holistic view of the use of music in health, healing, and well-being. This includes coursework that exposes students to the health care and developmental needs of a wide variety of populations while simultaneously challenging students to discover and realize their full potential. 


  • MHI

    Music and Health Institute

    The Berklee Music and Health Institute engages the ecosystem of academic, artistic, scientific, entrepreneurial, and technological talent bringing together the most creative minds to help accelerate ideation and develop solutions that can improve health and wellbeing for individuals and communities. This includes fostering collaborations between leaders in multiple disciplines and developing and sharing the most innovative tools, programs, research, and practices regarding music and music-based experiences that address health-related outcomes. 

  • Center MT

    Center for Music Therapy

    The Center for Music Therapy at Berklee provides innovative, inclusive, and equitable music-based experiences targeting identified health disparities in the greater Boston community. The center partners with communities to provide and expand music experiences designed to impact the overall physical, social, and emotional health of children, adolescents, and adults. We seek to develop partnerships with leading national and international healthcare and community organizations to connect classrooms, form research collaborations, and provide rich, social justice–informed, clinical training experiences in a variety of community-based settings. 

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