Brooke Sanders

Class of
Berklee College of Music

Pronouns Used: She/Her/Hers

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Principal Instrument: Piano

Majors: Songwriting

Minor: Musical Theater Writing

Describe your favorite Berklee experience so far.

My favorite Berklee experience so far has been working as an orientation leader for fall 2021 freshman orientation. Participating in all the fun events and getting to know new and returning students was such a rewarding experience. It made me feel like the campus was alive and I was so happy to be a part of it. 

When you think about your favorite class so far, what is one example of why you enjoyed it?

My favorite class so far has been Musical Theater Writing 2. I loved the subject matter and the projects we were working on. The professor was also fantastic. I think my favorite part of it was the collaborative nature and getting to know the other students. Something funny or interesting was always happening in that class, which always made me excited to go. 

What is your favorite part about studying and living in Boston? 

Boston is so different from where I'm from so getting to live and learn in a vastly different place has been very helpful in my growth. I love the historic architecture in a lot of the buildings. I also appreciate that, for a city, Boston has a lot of parks and trees. I love spending time by the Charles River or in the Boston Common. There's always something new to see and do in Boston.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone applying to Berklee College of Music or Boston Conservatory at Berklee?

It's so important to be yourself. Berklee gives students the opportunity to play/sing any piece that they feel best shows off their musicianship. Don't pick a piece that you think they'll want to hear but pick a piece that you most want to play. Try to see the audition as an opportunity to perform in front of a captive audience instead of a nerve-wracking audition. Also try to have peace however you do. Do your best and that's worth celebrating. 

Where is your favorite place on campus?

I love the Center for Campus Life. I work there so I've gotten familiar with it. I love that we provide opportunities for students to further connect with each other. I also love that we provide quiet study space in addition to noisy, fun recreational space. 

Why did you choose Berklee?

Berklee was always a dream school of mine. When I got in, I was scared of taking a risk and going to a school far from home in a city I didn't know a lot about. I debated between Berklee and a school closer to home. It didn't take long for me to decide on Berklee, though. I realized that Berklee was the absolute best place for me to turn my passion into my career. I was drawn in by all the opportunities that seemed to be waiting for me at Berklee. I knew that if I decided not to go because of fear I would always wonder "what if." I'm so glad that I get to live my dream and I don't have to wonder! 

What are your plans for after graduation?

Right now, I have a lot of things I'm interested in. I will probably try to get a job at an artist management firm or an agency and work on my singer-songwriter artistry on the side. I'm also very interested in working in theater both on the writing side and the directing side. I plan on applying to work as a performer as well just for the fun experience. I'm not really sure exactly what I'll be doing but I'm very hopeful everything will fall into place.

What have you enjoyed most about the live shows you’ve been involved in at Berklee?

I've loved the energy of the crowd. Performing for fellow musicians can be intimidating. People at Berklee are incredibly supportive. I think this is truly one of the best things about the culture at Berklee. It's so easy for young musicians to feel the need to tear each other down, but at Berklee I have rarely encountered that kind of behavior. 

Where do you hope to perform this coming year?

I'd love to perform at the Red Room. I'd also love to be a part of a caf show. 

Your social media channel/web URL?

Instagram: @brookie_sanders