Aditya Uppal

Class of
Berklee College of Music

Pronouns Used: He/Him/His

Hometown: Los Gatos, California

Principal Instrument: Voice

Majors: Professional Music

Minors: Business of Live Music and Recording and Production for Musicians

Languages Spoken (other than English): Hindi and Spanish


Describe your favorite Berklee experience so far.

I've had so many great experiences at Berklee in just my first year. But if I had to pick one, I would say the Berklee Female Artist Showcase that I organized at the Loft. I consider myself lucky to have met those incredibly talented artists from all kinds of backgrounds and a variety of musical palettes. The event planning team was very kind and helpful in making the event a success and a lot of summer program students attended the event so I felt content about the fact that they were being introduced to the rich culture of Berklee, just like I was before I started my degree. 

When you think about your favorite class so far, what is one example of why you enjoyed it?

I honestly have loved all of my classes because all my professors were the best I've had until now. Since I'm into performing mostly, I would say my private instruction with April Hall and Mixed Pop Ensemble with Skip Smith were my favorite classes so far. They made the lessons extremely enjoyable and constructive because we focused largely on learning practically and through songs that I personally loved. 

What is your favorite part about studying and living in Boston? 

My favorite part about living in Boston is that it is full of college students; this makes the city so much more inviting. Also, everyone is really welcoming and anything you may need is just a few minutes away!

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone applying to Berklee College of Music or Boston Conservatory at Berklee?

Although there are so many tips I could give to a prospective student, my biggest advice would be to be your natural and true self rather than changing to become what you think people want you to be. There's a place for everyone here, no matter what background, nationality, music taste, or age. And of course, go out and network with fellow students because they will be your lifelong companions if you build a strong relationship early on. 

Where is your favorite place on campus?

I always enjoy being around the 150/160 ensemble room area because I love to hear what people are playing. I love to be introduced to new music and you always hear something exciting when you're there!

Why did you choose Berklee?

I chose Berklee because there is no other college that provides such a diverse curriculum which can truly prepare you for life after graduation. The community is excellent, the courses are constructive, and the resources are unmatched. 

What are your plans for after graduation?

After graduation, I would like to focus on my career as a performing and touring artist hopefully somewhere in the U.S. Additionally, I would also like to help other artists with the business—the songwriting and production side of things. 

What have you enjoyed most about the live shows you’ve been involved in at Berklee?

Every live show I have performed at has been a success due to the whole team, ranging from sound engineers and stage crew to event planners and musicians; everyone has been fully dedicated to their work. Any issues I have ever had have been solved as quickly as possible and graciously. 

Where do you hope to perform this coming year?

I hope to perform at the Berklee Performance Center or the Loft because I feel like they are the best spaces Berklee has for the kind of music and stage presence I have. 

Your social media channel/web URL?

Instagram: @adi.uppal