Effortless Mastery Institute

We believe musical mastery is available to everyone. The EMI helps students transcend obstacles so that they can achieve mastery and express their true voice.

Complete focus when practicing
Total liberation in performing
Full use of body, mind, and soul
Reclaiming your love and inner connection to your music. 

Mission Statement

The Effortless Mastery Institute helps Berklee students reclaim their inner voice and their connection to music by teaching them how to overcome physical and mental obstacles that keep them from performing at their highest levels.

There can be many blocks between the musician and the music. Sometimes the pain is physical, often it’s mental, emotional, or even spiritual, such as an unloving attitude towards one’s self. The EMI helps clear these blocks by using somatic and mindful approaches, including the principles put forth in the book Effortless Mastery by Kenny Werner, the institute's artistic director.

The institute emphasizes complete focus when practicing; total liberation in performing; full use of body, mind, and soul; and reclaiming your love and inner connection to your music. 

Modalities and Course Offerings

The institute offers classes in Effortless Mastery Technique, Alexander Technique, body mapping, tai chi, and yoga.

Hear Werner talk to Inside Berklee about how his institute can help musicians play from the deepest parts of themselves and rediscover their connection to music.