Interview Guidelines

Every Berklee College of Music applicant must complete an interview as a part of the application process. During the interview process, we will explore the following areas:

  1. What motivates you to pursue a career in music/performing arts? Who are you as an artist? What excites you about the music/performing arts industry?

  2. Berklee is committed to supporting its diverse community by creating a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment. What does community mean to you? Why is being a part of a safe and welcoming environment important to you? What can the Berklee community learn from you?

  3. Why Berklee? What about Berkleeā€™s programs and activities speak to your career goals?

All interviews are conducted in English. If you have concerns about your English language abilities, please contact the Office of Admissions at +1 617-747-2222 or

Bachelor of Music Applicants

You will interview with an admissions representative to discuss your goals, your aspirations, and what you will bring to Berklee. Interviews completed online are given the same admission and scholarship consideration as those completed in person. 

Bachelor of Arts Applicants

You will complete an online interview through the Kira Talent portal. When you are ready to access the interview, follow the prompts to Kira Talent using the link sent to your inbox after submitting your Berklee College of Music application form. 

Berklee is committed to providing equitable access to our auditions and interviews. Please contact to inquire about any accommodation or accessibility needs.