Online Audition and Interview

Online auditions and interviews for the Bachelor of Music program include the exact same components as an in-person audition, with admission and scholarship considerations weighted equally. These events are completed from the comfort of your own space using the Zoom video chat platform, so you’ll complete both sections through a live video chat with Berklee faculty and staff members. In the video playlist below, you can watch each part of the process, including how to set up your space and what to expect in the online audition and interview.

Accommodations for Applicants Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired 
To receive sheet music in Braille for the music-reading portion of the audition, please contact the auditions team at

Berklee is committed to providing equitable access to our auditions and interviews. Please contact to inquire about any accommodation or accessibility needs.

Requirements for an Online Audition and Interview

There are a few technology and space requirements to complete your audition and interview online, which you can learn more about below. To be scheduled for an online audition and interview, you must select "Online" as your first location preference in your application form.


Make sure that the name that appears on Zoom matches the name used on your application.

If you have questions regarding an online audition and interview, please review the frequently asked questions or contact us at