Audition and Interview Dates and Locations

The following options are available to you when requesting your audition and interview as a part of your Berklee undergraduate application:

  1. Visit our flagship campus in Boston, Massachusetts. 
    We encourage those who can, to visit our campus and see our facilities as you complete your audition and interview.
  2. Travel to a regional site. 
    Faculty and staff travel to over 40 locations worldwide to conduct in-person auditions and interviews throughout the US and Canada, Europe, Latin America, and Asia.
  3. Audition online
    This is a convenient option for those who are unable to travel to Boston or a regional site for their audition and interview. Note that consideration for admission and scholarships is weighted the same whether your audition is completed in person or online.

All students who apply to Berklee College of Music’s Bachelor of Music program complete an audition and interview for admission and merit-based scholarship awards. Review our audition guidelines page for more information on how to prepare.

In the table below, you may filter by date (YYYY/MM/DD) to see when and where our audition and interview events will be.

2023/07/22Valencia, Spain
2023/07/29Boston, MA (Summer Program Attendees Only)
2023/08/05Boston, MA (Summer Program Attendees Only)
2023/08/19Boston, MA
2023/10/28Sao Paulo, Brazil
2023/10/29Sao Paulo, Brazil
2023/11/01Seoul, South Korea
2023/11/02Seoul, South Korea
2023/11/03Seoul, South Korea
2023/11/09Taipei, Taiwan
2023/11/09Detroit, MI
2023/11/10New York City, NY
2023/11/10Taipei, Taiwan
2023/11/11Interlochen, MI (Current Interlochen students only)
2023/11/11New York City, NY
2023/11/12New York City, NY
2023/11/13New York City, NY
2023/11/16Los Angeles, CA
2023/11/17Los Angeles, CA
2023/11/18Los Angeles, CA
2023/11/19Los Angeles, CA
2023/12/01Paris, France
2023/12/01San Francisco, CA
2023/12/02Baltimore, MD
2023/12/02Chicago, IL
2023/12/02Paris, France
2023/12/02San Francisco, CA
2023/12/03Baltimore, MD
2023/12/03Chicago, IL
2023/12/03San Francisco, CA
2023/12/06Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
2023/12/09Boston, MA
2024/01/12New Orleans, LA
2024/01/13Boston, MA
2024/01/13Tokyo, Japan
2024/01/14Tokyo, Japan
2024/01/20Hamamatsu, Japan
2024/01/27Atlanta, GA
2024/01/28Atlanta, GA
2024/02/03Boston, MA
2024/02/08Nashville, TN
2024/02/08New York City, NY
2024/02/09Athens, Greece
2024/02/09Mexico City, Mexico
2024/02/09New York City, NY
2024/02/10Chicago, IL
2024/02/10Memphis, TN
2024/02/11Chicago, IL
2024/02/11New York City, NY
2024/02/12New York City, NY
2024/02/12Thessaloniki, Greece
2024/02/15Los Angeles, CA
2024/02/16London, UK
2024/02/16Los Angeles, CA
2024/02/17London, UK
2024/02/18Los Angeles, CA
2024/02/19Los Angeles, CA
2024/02/20San Francisco, CA
2024/02/21San Francisco, CA
2024/02/22Philadelphia, PA
2024/02/23Houston, TX
2024/02/23Philadelphia, PA
2024/02/24Boston, MA
2024/02/24Houston, TX
2024/02/24Toronto, ON
2024/02/25Toronto, ON
2024/02/25Washington, DC
2024/02/26Fort Worth, Texas
2024/02/26Washington, DC
2024/02/27Fort Worth, Texas
2024/02/28Orlando, FL
2024/02/29Orlando, FL
2024/02/29Tel Aviv, Israel (Proctored Online)
2024/03/01Bogota, Colombia
2024/03/01Tel Aviv, Israel (Proctored Online)
2024/03/02Bogota, Colombia
2024/03/02Boston, MA
2024/03/02Miami, FL
2024/03/03Miami, FL
2024/03/07Bangkok, Thailand
2024/03/08Bangkok, Thailand
2024/03/21Quito, Ecuador (Proctored Online)

*For applicants living in Asia/Pacific regions only, auditions will run from 8:00 p.m. until 12:00 a.m. ET.

To learn more about online auditions, visit our Online Audition and Interview page. 

At both online and in-person events, you'll meet many fellow applicants from across the globe. 

If you have questions, please contact