The Electronic Production and Design Department offers you the opportunity to combine performance, composition, and orchestration with computer, synthesis, and multimedia technology in order to explore the limitless possibilities of musical expression.

Our lab facilities offer you hands-on instruction and supervised private practice in the art of sound design, synthesizer programming, production, and performance. The Electronic Production and Design Department also assists majors with internship placement and career guidance.

Electronic Production and Design Facilities and Resources

Electronic Production and Design Labs
The Electronic Production and Design Department has three labs, four 5.1-equipped mix/production studios, one ensemble room, and one recital hall, all outfitted with professional-level equipment for instruction, performance, rehearsal and/or production of electronic production and design student projects.

Student Work

Watch electronic production and design students perform in the Berklee Internet Radio Network (BIRN) studios.


For further information about the Electronic Production and Design Department, email us or call 617 747-2516.


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