Rhoda Bernard, managing director of the Berklee Institute for Accessible Arts Education, and her staff regularly provide professional development workshops to educators, arts educators, special educators, teaching artists, program administrators, and college faculty and students. Surveys and guiding questions before the workshops are used to create professional development materials and activities that cover the topics of greatest interest to the participants. 

Sample workshop topics include:

  • Teaching the arts to pre-K to grade 12 students with disabilities

  • Teaching the arts to college students with disabilities

  • Music and the arts in the lives of individuals with disabilities

  • Curriculum development in the arts for students with disabilities

  • Assessment of work and performances by students with disabilities

  • Assessment of educators who teach students with disabilities

  • Assessment of arts educators who teach students with disabilities

  • Resources and supports for aides and other professionals who work with students with disabilities in the arts

Recent clients include Waltham Public Schools, Boston Public Schools, Lawrence Public Schools, the Cantata Singers, EDCO Collaborative, and ACES Education Center for the Arts.

For more information, please contact Rhoda Bernard.