Arts Education Program Policies

By registering for an arts education program at the Berklee Institute for Accessible Arts Education (BIAAE) you agree to the policies outlined below.

Admissions Policies

We strive to create and maintain a safe and effective learning environment for all of our students. Therefore, students who engage in behaviors that may be unsafe for themselves or others will not be permitted to participate in our programs: they will be dismissed.

Student dismissal from our programs will occur in any of the following cases:

  • Physical aggression (including, but not limited to biting, hitting, kicking, hair pulling, head butting, spitting, and so on) with other students or staff
  • Inappropriate physical contact with other students or staff
  • Abusive or inappropriate language
  • Any behavior that makes other students or staff feel unsafe
  • Failure to follow the Code of Conduct, as stated in our program applications
  • Other situations to be determined on a case-by-case basis in consultation among staff members and the managing director of the BIAAE.

Our class and ensemble programs provide small group supervision and instruction with low teacher-to-student ratios, but we do not provide one-on-one support for individual students. Students who require such support may be accepted to our programs and may be able to participate, but they must be accompanied by a personal caregiver or assistant provided by the student's family.

Application Procedure

Every student must submit an online application for the program in which they wish to participate. Program applications can be found on each program's webpage; click on the red Apply button at the bottom of the page to access the application.

Applications are reviewed by our staff, and families are contacted for follow-up interviews. Once a student has been accepted to a program, the student need not reapply to continue in that same program. However, if a student in one program wishes to participate in a different program, the student must submit an application to the new program.


Registration is completed by the BIAAE office staff.

Once a student has been accepted into a program, the student will receive the following two items by email, about two weeks before the start of the new semester:

  • Detailed registration and program information
  • An invoice for tuition costs


Payment in full is required before the start of the semester. There are three payment options: 

  • By credit card: The invoices that are emailed to students include a link for online payment by credit card.
  • By personal check: Personal checks are accepted.
  • By check from a third party: Checks from a third party are accepted.

Please make the check out to Berklee College of Music and mail it to the following address:

Rhoda Bernard, Ed.D.
Managing Director 
Berklee Institute for Accessible Arts Education
1140 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02215

Tuition Assistance

The BIAAE provides some need-based tuition assistance to students who qualify. To be considered for tuition assistance, a student must fill out and submit the tuition assistance application form and provide all related documentation. There is a link to this form on every program's webpage.

Tuition assistance application forms and documentation do not need to be submitted again if the student wishes to enroll in multiple semesters, but they do need to be submitted again if there are significant changes to a student's or family's financial situation that they wish the committee to consider.

All tuition assistance applications are reviewed, and financial information is verified. The awarding of tuition assistance is dependent on the determination of student need and the availability of tuition assistance funds.

Withdrawal/Refund Policy

Students who choose to withdraw from an arts education program must notify Rhoda Bernard, the managing director, in writing via email at

Tuition cannot be refunded once the semester has begun.

Late/Absence Policy

BIAAE policies have been developed to encourage and promote joyful study of the arts for our students. Therefore, regular attendance at our programs is expected. Students who arrive late cannot be guaranteed a full class or lesson.

For the Private Music Lessons Program:

  • Students who provide their instructors with a minimum of 24 hours notice before an absence can receive up to two make-up lessons per semester.
  • Students who do not provide their instructors with a minimum of 24 hours notice before an absence will not have that lesson made up.
  • Instructors will make up lessons for all missed lessons due to teacher absence.

For group classes and ensembles:

  • There are no make-up sessions for student absences.
  • Instructors will make up sessions for all missed group classes and ensembles due to teacher absence.


Please consult your registration and program information email for information as to the specific instructional weeks of each semester.

Weather cancellations will be communicated directly by the instructors via email and telephone on Friday evening for Saturday sessions.