Arts Education Programs for People with Special Needs

The Berklee Institute for Arts Education and Special Needs is deeply committed to providing educational opportunities in the arts for all learners. Our highly trained instructors tailor their teaching to meet each individual student's needs in a safe and welcoming environment. 

We offer an array of programs for students of all ages:

Program Name

Student Age Range

Art Form

Brief Summary

Private Music Lessons


9 and up for 60-minute lessons

6 and up for 30-minute lessons


One-to-one instrument lessons; requires student practice between sessions

Music Classes for Young Children




Caregiver-and-me style music classes

Introduction to Musical Instruments Class



Instrument exploration class with beginning music reading instruction

Ukulele Ensemble




Group class to learn to play the ukulele

Inner Harmony Ensemble


9 and up


Choral ensemble where students sing together

Rock Band Ensemble


9 and up


Instrumental ensemble where students play rock and popular music together

iPad Ensemble


9 and up


Technology ensemble where students create music using iPads and other technology

Music Technology Class


12 and up Music Technology class where students learn to create music using virtual synthesizers and a variety of music making software

Bucket Drumming Class


9 and up Music Percussion classes where students create music and explore rhythm through bucket drumming

ABLE Day Sessions Summer Music Program


9–17 (older students permitted on a case-by-case basis)


Week-long summer music day camp that includes ensembles, drumming, singing, and more

Daytime Moon Creations Theater Program




Theater games and exploration; students create and perform their own scenes and scripts

Step by Step

8–early 20s


Adaptive dance classes where students learn dance and movement

Sensory-Friendly Performances

All ages

Music, Theater, Dance

Modified performances that are accessible to individuals with sensory challenges


Please note that students must have a diagnosed disability in order to participate in our programs. Review our other program policies.

Watch the story of Theresa, a pianist who studies with Rachel Jayson in our private music lessons program: