Grace Siemon

Class of
Berklee College of Music

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Hometown: Concord, North Carolina

Principal Instrument: Voice

Majors: Professional Music

Describe your favorite Berklee experience so far.

Performing in the Taylor Swift show at the Berklee Performance Center (BPC).

When you think about your favorite class so far, what is one example of why you enjoyed it?

History of Music Cities. I've learned the most relevant, applicable, and interesting (in my opinion) content that I've been taught at Berklee in this class. I love the topic and how my professor explains the material.

What is your favorite part about studying and living in Boston? 

The amount of activities and entertainment that are here.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone applying to Berklee College of Music or Boston Conservatory at Berklee?

Understand your strengths and skills and be confident in them. Everyone at Berklee has something unique to offer, so knowing what works best for you is super helpful.

Where is your favorite place on campus?

7 Haviland Street! I love the lounge spaces.

Why did you choose Berklee?

I felt that Berklee best suited my needs in terms of what I wanted to pursue and could offer me important contacts and connections that would be beneficial throughout my career.

What are your plans for after graduation?

I would like to pursue a job for the School of Rock program as part of their operations branch. I was a School of Rock student for several years and would love to return to the program.

What have you enjoyed most about the live shows you’ve been involved in at Berklee?

The people I was able to meet and work with! Berklee is made up of an insane amount of talent, and seeing an entire group of talented people coming together for a show is incredible.

Where do you hope to perform this coming year?

The BPC again! The Red Room as well, if possible.

Your social media channel/web URL?

Instagram: @grace.siemon