Even though we are one of the largest instrumental departments within the college, the Piano Department attempts to deal with each student's individual wants and needs. Beginning with emphasis on well-grounded basic technical proficiency, we offer instruction and encourage participation in a wide range of musical styles. We encompass everything from traditional classical literature to the most contemporary jazz, rock, pop, gospel, fusion, and almost anything in between. 

Many of today's most successful pianists began their careers at Berklee, including Keith Jarrett, Hiromi, Charlie Puth, Diana Krall, Cyrus Chestnut, Jan Hammer, Bruce Hornsby, Bob James, Jeff Lorber, Makoto Ozone, Danilo Pérez, Kenny Werner, and Joe Zawinul, Jesus Molina, Domi.

They came to Berklee because of who we are: the world's largest independent music school and the premier institution for the study of today's music. Learn more about alumni and their careers.

The Piano Department at Berklee offers the most comprehensive piano education you'll find anywhere. We provide individualized instruction. We offer you professional faculty who specialize in each discipline, course work specifically designed to enhance your abilities, and abundant playing opportunities. Our faculty are all world-class performers and world-class educators. They are well equipped to meet you where you are in your musical journey and take you as far as possible during your time at Berklee.

We respect the classical traditions of piano instruction. We also understand that the piano is a versatile and expressive instrument that can be effective in any musical style, and we know how its potential fits into today's music world. Studying at a school that offers you this full range of knowledge is the most important way for you to turn your playing into a career.

We also offer Hammond organ instruction in a variety of styles including jazz, gospel, rock, blues, and private instruction. You can, in fact, choose the Hammond organ as your principal instrument at Berklee.