Minor in Teaching Artistry


The minor in teaching artistry is for any students interested in teaching in private schools or other community music programs, including international programs, but is not specifically committed to securing Massachusetts State Licensure. This minor consists of 12 credit hours, including 10 credits of core courses in teaching all ages of children and adolescents and two credits of a specialized advanced elective. Techniques for teaching and repertoire studied will be appropriate to a variety of age levels and situations. Each student in this minor will be assigned a music education advisor to assist in defining an area of specialization.

Entrance Requirements

Students must follow the regular declaration of minor procedure as outlined in the Registration Guide. This minor is managed by the Music Education Department.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this minor, students will:

  • understand the foundations of educational theory and instructional methods;
  • understand music learning and skill development;
  • observe teachers in a variety of settings;
  • plan and carry out music lessons for large and small groups;
  • practice techniques in KidsJam and classroom peer-teaching activities;
  • learn repertoire to teach music concepts;
  • model good musicianship and music skills; and
  • network with music education students and professionals.
Curriculum and Courses

Required Foundational Courses for Methodology (take all courses; 10 credits)

  • ME-111: Introduction to Music Education (1 credit)
  • ME-152: Computer Applications for Music Education (2 credits)
  • ME-211: Elementary Classroom Methods (3 credits)
  • ENVC-361: Music Education Concert Choir (1 credit)
  • LSOC-411: Child and Adolescent Psychology (3 credits)

Elective Course (select one course; 2 credits)

  • COND-341: Studies in Instrumental Score Analysis (2 credits)
  • ME-212: Music Classroom Methods and Materials (2 credits)
  • ME-315: Music and the Neurodiverse Learner (2 credits)
  • ME-317: Hip-Hop Music Education (2 credits)
  • ME-328: Music, the Brain, and Learning (2 credits)
  • ME-342: Composition, Technology, and the K-12 Student (2 credits)
  • ME-387: Fundamentals of Woodwind and Brass Repairs (2 credits)

12 credits required for the minor.

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