Minor in Microtonal Music

The microtonal minor, overseen by the Planet MicroJam Institute, explores the musical notes that exist outside of the traditional Western 12-tone octave model. Through this minor, students explore the various musical styles (blues, Middle Eastern music, and more) that use microtones. They will apply different styles and methods of using microtones in both composition and performance across genres, enhancing their musicality and enriching their knowledge of musical diversity. 

Entrance Requirements

There are no entrance requirements for this minor. Students must follow the regular declaration of minor procedure as outlined in the Registration Guide. This minor is managed by the Performance Division

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the microtonal minor, students will:

  • demonstrate microtonal musicianship as they sing and/or play a variety of microtonal styles of music;
  • compose, arrange, and perform microtonal music in a variety of different styles;
  • engage in microtonal improvisation in jazz, groove, non-Western, and free improvisation styles;
  • read various types of microtonal notation; and
  • lead and collaborate with other microtonal musicians in rehearsal and/or performance settings.
Curriculum and Courses

Required Courses (three courses; 4 credits):

  • ENGB-401 Microtonal Grooves (1 credit)
  • ET-399 Microtonal Ear Training and Composition (2 credits)
  • PSHR-270 Traditional Microtonal Theory and Application (1 credit)

Ensemble (select one course; 1 credit):

  • ENGB-221 Contemporary Middle Eastern Music Ensemble (1 credit)
  • ENGB-400 Middle Eastern Fusion Ensemble (1credit)

Electives (select four courses; at least 6 credits):

  • ENGB-405 Balkan Choir (1 credit)
  • CM-361 World Music Resources in Composition (2 credits)
  • MLAN-243 Japanese Music and Instruments (2 credits)
  • HR-361 World Music Materials and Concepts (2 credits)
  • M-LT 71129 Tuning and Western Temperament Before 1900 (2 credits)
  • M-LT 71145 Tuning and Western Temperament II (1900 to the Present) (2 credits)