Music and Society Minor

The music and society minor at Berklee challenges students to read, think, discuss, and explore music as a product of cultural expression. Music and society courses explore the relationship among music, other performing and fine arts, literature, and politics. Additionally, music and society courses examine the way art production is affected and shaped by the consideration of identity, power, and social agency. Throughout their course of study, students examine the influence of culture on musical production, artistic expression, creativity, global culture, literature, mass media, and technology, and the roles artists have played in transforming society. Exploring issues of cultural diversity, multiculturalism, identity, leadership, ethics, and social and environmental justice helps students become global citizens using their music as a tool to enhance intercultural interaction and social change. This program prepares students for active and valued participation in the music industry. Preparation for professions such as composing, performing, teaching, providing therapy, and/or industry sales and advocacy is greatly enhanced by a deep analytical understanding of gender, racial, and global issues in the music industry and the culture.

At Berklee, the minor offers three tracks. Students may focus on Africana studies, gender studies, or global studies.

Music and Society - Africana Studies Track

Music and Society - Gender Studies Track

Music and Society - Global Studies Track