Minor in Film and Media Scoring


The film and media scoring minor allows non–film scoring writers, composers, and songwriters to understand key concepts and workflows in the area of linear scoring to visuals. The minor affords students the ability to gather additional skills in their writer’s toolbox that will allow them to expand their scope of potential work in the media industries.

The student minoring in film and media scoring will gain the knowledge and practical, professional skills to build a portfolio of work suitable to showcase for independent and entry-level film and TV projects. The minor provides a framework of courses that includes aesthetic, technical, and musical concepts. The focus is on the collaboration of music and visuals as a vehicle for artistic expression.

Entrance Requirements

This minor is open to all except for film scoring majors. Students must follow the regular declaration of minor procedure as outlined in the Registration Guide. This minor is managed by the Screen Scoring Department. Students must complete the following coursework before declaring this minor:

  • PW-111 Music Application and Theory
  • ET-111 Ear Training 1
  • LENG-111 Introduction to College Writing
  • MTEC-111 Introduction to Music Technology
Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of a minor in film and media scoring, students will:

  • sketch and compose stylistically appropriate music in a variety of dramatic styles;
  • orchestrate dramatic music using appropriate instrumental tone colors and voicings;
  • create final soundtrack recordings to picture;
  • create orchestral mockups and electronic scores using current sequencers and sample libraries;
  • analyze the dramatic arc of a musical score for a film or other extended media work;
  • demonstrate a broad knowledge of film music history;
  • describe the process of creating linear film and other medias; and
  • demonstrate a foundational understanding of intellectual property considerations and processes in the media industries.
Curriculum and Courses

Required Courses (11 credits):

  • FS-221 Intensive Introduction to Film Scoring (2 credits)
  • One of the following: CW-191 Sequencing and Production Techniques, EP-225 Control Systems in Electronic Production, FS-203 Scoring Technology 1, MP-225 Audio and MIDI Systems for Music Production, MTEC-214 Producing Music with Logic Pro X, or SW-161 DAW for Songwriters: Pro Tools (2 credits)
  • FS-321 Film Scoring Techniques for Composers (2 credits)
  • FS-421 Advanced Film Scoring Techniques for Composers (2 credits)
  • LHUM-251 The Language of Film (3 credits)

Note: Students in this minor are strongly encouraged to take MHIS-331 History of Film Music as their music history elective. 

Five courses (11 credits) are required for the minor.