EMI Classes

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Effortless Mastery I and II (3 credits)

PSEM-200-001 / PSEM-200-002 / PSEM-300-001

In this for-credit performance studies course, we will work on touching the instrument without attachment and hearing our sound without judgment. Step one involves learning to connect with the instrument with a sense of joy and inner union, and without mental interference, fear, intimidation, etc. Step two features solo and group improvisation, the purpose of which is to leave the mind on the doorstep, become one with the sound, and merge with the sounds coming from your group mates. We work to reclaim your power, enthusiasm, confidence, and inspiration that may have been lost, ironically, by going to music school. You will be coached by Kenny Werner and Vivienne Aerts. 

Introduction in Effortless Mastery  (2 credits)


This class serves as an introduction to effortless mastery. It can be taken before EM1 or after EM2 or as a means of sustaining a new model of inner succes and either initiating or continuing the practices and exercises of effortless mastery. You will be coached by Vivienne Aerts with Kenny Werner making regular appearances. 

Effortless Mastery Ensemble

In this ensemble, selected students will play with and be coached by Kenny Werner, the institute's artistic director. The focus will be on really owning the material, and playing from the space, so that the creativity in the group can flourish.

Effortless Mastery Forum

This forum features lectures on achieving freedom and virtuosity as composers and performers. Special guests include Victor Wooten and Julian Lage. The forums will be open to students, faculty, and staff. Check the EMI Events page for more details.

Body Mapping for Musicians

In this class you will work toward a fully realized understanding of your own physical structure so that your movement will be healthy and your motion free. As a result, you will produce a better, more open, more resonant sound. 

Awareness Training for Musicians

This lab will explore posture, movement, and breathing as they relate to the act of musical production. You will learn how to avoid injuries due to overuse and/or misuse of your body, and to develop sensitivity, clarity, and power in your music. 

Tai Chi Chuan for Musicians 1

Tai chi chuan, or "grand ultimate fist," is a moving meditation/exercise/martial art that can complement and energize your studies, music, and all the activities of your busy day. 

Tai Chi Chuan for Musicians 2

With a firm foundation in the principles learned and practiced in PSH-P260 Tai Chi Chuan for Musicians 1, this course goes deeper into the art of tai chi and its many benefits. This course emphasizes how the sensitivity acquired through this practice relates to healthier technique, performance, and endurance. 

Yoga for Musicians 1

This course will lead you through a series of breathing exercises, meditations, warm-ups, and postures that will help integrate the mind, body, and spirit of your being.

Minor in Effortless Mastery

Offered through the Effortless Mastery Institute, this minor teaches students how to liberate their performances through the study of effortless mastery techniques and somatic (body-focused) disciplines. The skills learned in this minor aid in eradicating overwhelming performance anxiety and put students on a course towards being the best players, producers, writers, composers, and decision-makers they can be. Students develop the confidence to express themselves freely and openly, and to not be afraid to make mistakes in the process. Students in this minor connect with their deepest and most musical selves in service to their art. More info is available here.