Tai Chi Chuan for Musicians 1

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Tai Chi Chuan, or "Grand Ultimate Fist," is a moving meditation/exercise/martial art that can complement and energize your studies, music, and all the activities of your busy day. Traditionally, it is an internal "yin" fighting style that develops grounding, relaxation, and the ability to utilize the attacker's own power to subdue them. It is also a constantly evolving art/science that promotes physical, mental, and emotional balance, and is a useful tool for identifying playing-related tension patterns and opening constricted channels of the body. Tai Chi Chuan is a slow, flowing, no-sweat exercise with excellent health benefits that requires no uniforms or equipment, a moderate amount of floor space to perform, and no opponent to compete against except yourself. This course will lead you through the first 20 postures of the 60-movement form developed by Grandmaster William C. C. Chen. Once the complete choreography is learned, this short form could be incorporated into your daily routine and would require only a few minutes to complete.

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Electable By
All B.M. and P.D. students
Semesters Offered
Fall, Spring
Course Chair
Karen Bell
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