Scoring Technology 1

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As a continuation of SCRN-202 and SCRN-240, composers will strengthen their use of MIDI/audio sequencing in scoring to picture, in conjunction with sample playback and synthesis software. Special attention is paid to the film scoring capabilities of sequencing applications using, tempo, meter, and synchronization in the process of scoring music to picture. Considerable emphasis is placed on developing skills in emulating a live orchestra through effective use of virtual instrument libraries These skill areas include performance techniques (tracking), editing, automation (real-time and edited), mixing, production, and the creation of work templates.

FILM-200, CP-215, SCRN-202, SCRN-240, and ISKB-212 (non-piano principals); either COND-211, COND-221, or COND-216; either ET-212 or ET-232; FILM-205 must be taken concurrently with FILM-207
Required Of
FILM majors
Electable By
FILM and GAIM majors
Major Elective for
Game and Interactive Media Scoring
Semesters Offered
Fall, Spring, Summer
Course Chair
Sean McMahon
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