Isabella Koen

Assistant Professor

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Isabella Koen is a sound artist, DJ, and composer best known for her hard-driving, all-hardware live sets and off-kilter releases. Her practice developed in the belly of underground art and performance spaces, and incorporates the dual role of artist and researcher. Her sound is rooted in broad-ranging experimentation while simultaneously extracting known sonic signifiers from classic rave, hard techno, trance, and drum 'n' bass. She enjoys focusing her work around facets of psychedelia, psychoacoustics, self-reflective writing, and nature.

Koen has released work on international labels such as Peder Mannerfelt Produktions, Mama Told Ya, iDEAL Recordings, and Osare! Editions, to name a few. Past tours have traversed most of Europe and the U.S., playing clubs and festivals such as Norbergfest, Tresor, Strom Fest, About Blank, and Club Kaiku, among others, alongside such artists as DJ Stingray, Severed Heads, Errorsmith, Christoph De Babalon, and Caterina Barberi, to name a few. As a hardware gal, her current setup consists of the Elektron Octatrack mk1, Elektron Rytm mk2, and the Access Virus C. 

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