Electronic Production and Design Facilities

The Electronic Production and Design (EPD) Department at Berklee offers an array of facilities for students pursing the major to hone their skills in areas such as composition, sound design, MIDI sequencing, music production, acoustics, digital audio, signal processing, multimedia production, computer programming, control systems, and more. Below, you will find an overview of the EPD labs, studios, and venues. Explore the facilities in this section's menu for more details, or gain a broad overview of the available facilities below.

For information about equipment, resources, documentation, and more, see Academic Technology Facilities.


Three EPD labs contain student workstations that are updated frequently with tools prevalent in the industry as well as emerging technologies. The labs are typically used for classes during the day and remain open for student use at night. Students use lab time to complete project work, to experiment with technologies and concepts, and to interact with colleagues and peers. 

Production Suites

Four professionally designed studios provide EPD students with opportunities to record, mix, and produce electronic pieces in stereo or 5.1 surround sound. Each studio features various combinations of consoles and control surfaces and an optimum environment for critical listening. An adjacent machine room houses racks of computers and servers, loaded with the latest software used in electronic production. Industry-standard microphones and outboard processors are available to check out for student projects in the studios, and a tracking space can be patched to all studios. In addition, a studio teaching facility is available and often used for hosting classes and visiting artist workshops. 

Recital Hall (22-112)

An 80-seat recital hall is available for larger classes, recitals, presentations, and visiting artist events. It is fully equipped for electronic and interactive audio/visual performances, and supports 5.1 surround sound. High definition video capture is available for events.

Electronic Music Performance Lab (150-A60)

The electronic music performance lab offers students the opportunity to rehearse and collaborate using any configuration of hardware and software, including instruments and controllers. A large LCD display and four-channel audio playback make this an ideal place for students to develop work for multimedia performances. The room is also home to a large collection of classic synthesizers and an electronic drum kit.