Rishabh Rajan

Assistant Professor
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Career Highlights
  • Member of Friday the 13th, guitarist, India (2001-03); Itmightgetglitchy, producer, Malaysia/Pakistan (2011-12); and code:MONO, producer (2014–present)
  • Published Native Instruments Massive Sound Design Recipe Book and Sound Design with Native Instruments FM8
  • Instruments include guitar, hang drum, and Ableton Push
  • Diploma, Berklee College of Music, film scoring
  • M.Sc., Professional Practices (Creative Media Industries) Middlesex, England
In Their Own Words

"I want students to feel that the knowledge received from me is relevant and applicable to them as a practicing musician as soon as they graduate, if not earlier. I am a huge proponent of workflow enhancement. I strive to develop the quickest and/or easiest way to achieve something when using technology tools. There are always multiple ways to do something, but there is only one efficient way. I want technology to be transparent so we remain musicians and not become technicians."

"Being an electronic music producer, I feel I can provide students knowledge of the field that is practical and also relevant to current dance music genres. I always share my work in the field with students, be it techniques that have been tried and tested or be it techniques that I developed myself."

"As an author for online music technology blogs, I am made aware of technology tools and resources that are in development or very new. Having knowledge of these tools can put me in a better position to teach students when said technology tools become a standard for music production."