Promesas de Tierra

Composed by Javier Limón and performed primarily by young Middle Eastern musicians, Promesas de Tierra (Land Promises) is a cutting-edge musical project, uniting Sephardic, Christian, and Moorish cultures, the foundations of flamenco and Andalusian music.

After several trips and adventures in that land that was many times promised and compromised, Javier Limón found his inspiration in its Israeli and Palestinian classic repertoire, transforming this repertoire into unique melodies through a process of harmonic and rhythmic deconstruction.

With expressive performances and sophisticated arrangements, the recordings create a unique and exquisite sound and a continuous flow of emotion, causing an immediate upheaval from the present, a break in time that allow us to step back, escape the rush, and enjoy a moment of abstract reflection in which the balance between Eastern artistic values and the contemporary order combine, inviting us to fly freely in loneliness.

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The outstanding performances on this album come from Israeli, Palestinian, Jordanian, and Spanish musicains. Many of them are students at the Berklee, where they share a passion for learning and growing as musicians.

With this album, Casa Limón and the Mediterranean Music Institute open a window to a new style of music far from the traditional archetypes of jazz or world music, leading a new trend toward cultural diversity in contemporary roots music.

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