Master of Mediterranean Music Award

In 2014, the Mediterranean Music Institute (MMI) created the Master of Mediterranean Music Award to honor the great maestros of Mediterranean music.

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Designing the Master of the Mediterranean Music Award

The MMI wanted the award itself to represent the musical traditions of the Mediterranean. For this project, Vicente Carrillo, an internationally renowned flamenco guitar maker, was the perfect choice. This very special award was designed in the shape of the MMI logo, which represents the back of an oud. Each award is a unique piece and takes a month to make as Carrillo goes through the careful process of designing it, choosing the wood for it, and crafting it.

Vicente Carrillo comes from a line of luthiers that dates back to 1744, making him a seventh-generation guitar maker. He is a master in his craft and his guitars are known around the world for their perfect balance between the power of bass and the sweetness of treble.

Carrillo has specialized in flamenco guitars and is always looking to innovate and evolve his craft. He has made guitars for Paco de Lucía, Tomatito, J.M. Cañizarez, El Niño Josele, Rafael Cañizares, Javier Limón, Keith Richards, Josemi Carmona (Ketama), and Duo Montes Kircher, among others.