150-B51 Technology Lab

150-B51 Tech Lab room view

The 150-B51 Technology Lab is specifically used for synthesis and sound studies. It provides students with access to modular synths (configured to support the Modular Functions and Signal Flow course) as well as a variety of other synthesizers, including Buchla, Moog, and ARP synths. Configured with an AVB system and 4.1 sound, this lab is designed so that students can connect their laptop directly to the interfaces; all stations can easily send audio to any other station. This room mainly supports the Electronic Production and Design program and electronic digital instrument curriculum.

Teaching Station

  • Apple Mac Studio
  • Dell 24" Display (2)
  • MOTU 1248
  • MOTU Ultralite AVB
  • Arturia Keystep 37
  • Studio Comm Model 74
  • Mackie 1202 VLZ4
  • Genelec AD9200A
  • Genelec 7270A
  • Genelec 8250A (4)
  • Kramer 4x4 HDMI Switch
  • Samsung 65" Display (2)
  • Elmo M-1 Document Camera
  • GoPro Hero4
  • Modular system

Student Stations (10)

  • AKAI MAX25
  • Arturia Keystep 37
  • Mackie 1202 VLZ4
  • MOTU Ultralite AVB
  • Modular system (one shared per two stations)
150-B51 Moog System

Other Equipment

  • ARP 2600 (2), ARP 3620 Keyboard, ARP 1613 Sequencer
  • Buchla System (2)
  • Modular System (Goike case)
  • Moog 907 Filter
  • Moog One
  • Moog System IIIc

Full specs on all of Berklee's modular synths are listed on our ModularGrid page.

150-B51 Tech Lab station equipment