Production Suites

Avid S6 control surface

Berklee's production suites provide similar professional equipment to our studios in a more personal in-the-box environment. Like our larger studios, these rooms are acoustically designed for an optimal listening environment. Many of the production suites have attached recording booths and provide specialized software and sound libraries for some of the specific technology curriculum.

Along with a production suite configured for full class teaching, most suites provide teaching spaces for smaller cohorts or individual instruction. Students learn in the suites during their classes and follow up with time to complete their coursework.

The production suites offer ideal acoustic spaces for small recording needs, mixing, writing, pre-production, and sound design. Many of the suites have specialized configurations to support specific curriculum, and some have surround configurations or specific sound libraries.

Like their studio counterparts, the production suites offer a variety of equipment for students to get instruction and hands-on experience with professional production applications.