Technology Classrooms

150-B54 room view

The technology classrooms are highly specialized to support specific technology curriculum. Set up to accommodate more students than our studios or technology labs, these classrooms provide different options for lectures and hands-on learning. Many courses taught in these rooms are also supported with student time in the studios or technology labs.

The 22-112 Technology Classroom is a large lecture hall and theater equipped with multichannel audio, DMX lighting, and digital live mix and recording capability.

The 150-263 Technology Classroom provides specific support for the Film Scoring program.

The 150-268 Technology Classroom is a larger classroom and lecture space with multichannel audio.

The 150-A60 Technology Classroom supports electronic performance ensemble rehearsals and EDI (electronic digital instrument) instruction.

The 150-B54 Technology Classroom has a seminar-style table setup as well as a multichannel audio system and multiscreen projection.

The 1108-302 Project Band Room provides an ensemble recording space for project bands.