Studio 1 Live Room

Berklee's recording studio complex comprises various professional-level production facilities that offer multitrack digital and analog recording capability, automated mix-down, digital audio editing, video postproduction, multichannel surround mixing, and comprehensive signal processing equipment.

Students acquire extensive hands-on experience with a wide array of professional studio equipment and multiformat systems. Working collaboratively across Berklee departments, students gain specialized experience in producing and engineering for a variety of contemporary music styles.

The studios feature studio classroom configurations optimized for effective teaching and production needs. The facilities are stocked with industry-standard equipment from Solid State Logic, API, Neve, ATC, GML, Avid, Lexicon, Neumann, Quested, Sony, Studer, Yamaha, and other manufacturers. These tools enable Berklee students to master any number of recording endeavors, including editing, synchronization, mixing, dubbing, and mastering.

studio 2 live room

In addition, a state-of-the-art control room connected to the 1,200-seat Berklee Performance Center (BPC) presents opportunities for learning the live recording techniques employed throughout the industry.

Berklee's studios are designed to provide professional studio experience within an educational environment. Students meet for classes in the studios and book sessions as part of their coursework. Our studios provide a wide range of studio experiences, supporting Berklee's curriculum.

Control Room with Live Room