Sara Rachele

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Since releasing her debut LP Diamond Street in 2014,  singer/songwriter Sara Rachele '13 has received praise from the likes of NPR  and SPIN for her heartfelt songs rooted in Americana, alternative rock, and folk. Now based in New York City, Rachele (pronounced ra-kelly) grew up a self-described studio rat and folk child in Atlanta, Georgia, working for free at famed music club Eddie’s Attic. There she met countless musicians and songwriters and eventually became a side player herself. As a teenager, she was backing vocalist and keyboard player for the Love Willows, signed with Decca/Universal, and worked with producer and fellow Berklee alumnus Mike Daly '96.

“Berklee to me was the four years I needed to grow as a writer, and gave me the time and space to bounce ideas off some of the finest musicians I’ve ever met," Rachele says. "That community was invaluable in shaping who I was then, and who I am now as a songwriter.”

Hear "Listen, Judas" from Sara Rachele and her band, featuring guitar work from fellow alumnus Gyasi Heus ’12, via Sounds of Berklee:

Watch a live acoustic performance of "Listen, Judas:"