Meet the Team

Visiting Campus

In-person meetings with office staff are on hold and/or virtual due to COVID-19 until March 1, 2022. To schedule a virtual meeting, please reach out to the applicable team member below.

  • Associate Director of Alumni Affairs

    Regions: Boston Conservatory at Berklee, New York City

    Joseph Dreeszen oversees alumni programs and activities for the Conservatory as well as for the College in New York City.

  • Multimedia Editor/Producer

    Region: Online

    Padriac Farma oversees the production and distribution of content for the Office of Alumni Affairs.

  • Class of 2009
    Associate Director of Alumni Affairs in Los Angeles

    Regions: Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco/Bay Area, Seattle

    Dāna James oversees alumni programming and activities in the western regions of the U.S.

  • Senior Director, Alumni Affairs

    Regions: International, Miami

    Fritz Kuhnlenz oversees all alumni programs and activities for the College and Conservatory worldwide.

  • Class of 2014
    Program Manager, Alumni Affairs

    Region: Los Angeles

    Zachary Lucia supports alumni programming in Los Angeles and data management for Alumni Affairs.

  • Assistant Director, Alumni Affairs

    Regions: Atlanta, Nashville

    In addition to working with alumni in Atlanta, Georgia, and Nashville, Tennessee, Callan Moody supervises student employees on the Alumni Affairs team and manages email marketing and communications for the office.