RAIDAR: Music Licensing for Students

Get paid for your music while keeping ownership of your creative work.


Berklee and MIT Connection Science are building a new music licensing platform, RAIDAR (Rights and Asset Information in Decentralized, Authoritative Repositories), by and for Berklee students to monetize and license songs to visual media students. RAIDAR will be powered by Open Music technology and will be a tool for artist education and career sovereignty.

Gain insight into the value of your music, decide where and how it's used, and join a student network of creatives. 

Berklee Students

  • Ready to license your songs?
    • Upload your music here to join our community of creative professionals. Learn how to price and describe your music by connecting directly with student consumers. 
    • Currently RAIDAR is only accepting submissions that have been written and performed by the same person, and do not have samples in them. However, if you wrote the song(s) and others performed on it, you can still submit music to RAIDAR as long as you have a Work-for-Hire Contract in place with those involved in performing and/or recording the music. Here is a Sample Work-for-Hire Agreement for reference. 
    • We have put together a  that explains an extensive list of terms that are important to know if you wish to publish your music to RAIDAR or anywhere else. 
  • Want to get more involved?
    • Tell us about yourself here, and we'll be in touch soon. Learn about music licensing and supervision, intellectual property, blockchain, and coding. Plus, meet technologists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and connect with students and other creative colleges around the country. 

Want to learn more about how you or your university can partipate? See more information here, read the white paper, or get in touch. 

Watch Nicole d'Avis, managing director of Berklee's Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship, speak about RAIDAR and Open Music at Imagination in Action's meeting at the 2020 World Economic Forum in Davos.