Being able to think and act like an entrepreneur is ever more critical in today's fast-changing media and creative industry environments. Developing the entrepreneurial mindset among our students, faculty, and alumni is at the heart of the mission of BerkleeICE.

BerkleeICE Goals: 

  • Prepare Berklee graduates to approach their careers entrepreneurially in the new music business.
  • Foster the creation of new products, services, and businesses driving the changes in the creative industries of tomorrow.
  • Inspire the advancement of disruptive ideas through the application of musical creativity and cross-discipline collaboration.

Who We Are

Our Beliefs

We are a network of creative change-makers who share the common belief that the artistic process and the entrepreneurial journey share the same DNA.

We believe that the music thinking skills naturally practiced by creators such as improvisation, imagination, and self-expression are particularly critical in the creative industries, where technologies and ideas compel constant change. This mindset is at the core of BerkleeICE, an initiative designed to inspire, educate, and launch the next generation of creative entrepreneurs.

Sights and Sounds

Berklee's Open Music Initiative and partners convened academia, tech companies, record labels, and artists to tackle creator compensation and attribution issues.

Open Music Initiative founders Michael Hendrix, Dan Harple, and Panos Panay speak with Berklee faculty George Howard on the future of payment streams in the music industry.

Sophia Chang, who managed RZA, ODB, Q-Tip, and A Tribe Called Quest, speaks to Berklee students on the importance of following your passion and telling your story.

In the News