Music Business Program

Ages 15-20
Berklee’s Music Business Summer Program is a five-day, interactive experience designed to teach aspiring artists, managers, and entrepreneurs how to launch a successful career in the music industry. Learn about the structure and key players in the music industry, as well as the primary areas of artist development–understanding music rights, revenue streams, branding, social media strategy, content creation, music marketing, and more–all of which are taught by a diverse array of established music industry professionals and Berklee’s world-class faculty. Put that knowledge and experience into action by working with real emerging artists to develop a brand and image, social media content strategy, and a rollout plan for their next release. In the culminating experience of the program, students get to pitch their ideas directly to the artists and a panel of music industry executives for feedback.
June 24-June 28
Check-in Time
7 AM - 9 AM
June 28, 7:00 PM
Registration fee
$50 (nonrefundable)
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How to Enroll

  1. Submit your registration by June 10.* Begin by submitting your registration online. If applicable, you may need to submit additional supporting materials.
  2. Make your tuition payment by June 10.* All programs have limited capacity, so be sure to complete your full tuition payment to reserve your space in the program.
  3. Request housing. Students who are 15 years of age or older by the start of their Boston-based program are eligible to stay in on-campus housing. If you meet the eligibility requirements and have indicated that you would like to request on-campus housing, please revisit your registration portal and submit a Residence Hall Agreement.

*Please note: This program has limited capacity. Submission of registration materials alone does not guarantee participation in the program. You will secure your spot by paying in full.


Using case studies, you will follow a DIY musician's career journey from emerging artist to established professional.

By the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Describe foundational music industry terminology, as well as key industry players and their roles.
  • List and describe the primary sources of income available to developing artists, as well as identify potential new sources.
  • Evaluate a developing artist’s brand and online presence and provide constructive feedback.
  • Apply best practices on social media to maximize engagement and fanbase development.
  • Create engaging content (focus on short-form video) for TikTok and Instagram. 
  • Develop the basic framework for a music marketing campaign.

Visiting Artists

Experience exclusive access to visiting artists who are shaping the industry. In 2022, students engaged with rising Love Renaissance artists, North Ave Jax and Eli Derby. These guest artists shared their creative processes, career goals, and industry insights, while guiding students in developing actionable marketing strategies. The program culminated in a unique opportunity for students to pitch their ideas to Love Renaissance executives and artists. 




During the program, you will attend subject-matter seminars and participate in hands-on workshops that will allow you to practice the concepts learned in class. You will attend panel discussions and interviews with industry experts from all over the world and from various areas within the music business. In addition, you will have numerous opportunities to ask questions and network with other students. There will be a variety of field trips and evening activities designed to enhance the student experience and allow for maximum collaboration.


General Requirements

We are looking for ambitious young artists, managers, influencers, and entrepreneurs ages 15 to 20 from all parts of the globe who are ready to learn how to make a living in the music business. If you love being creative, are naturally curious and a great listener, work well with diverse groups of people (or want to learn how to do that), and can’t wait to learn how to take your career—or the careers of others—to the next level, then this is the program for you.

You do not have to be a performer or an artist. In addition to Berklee faculty, you'll work closely with creators, entrepreneurs, and other leading experts and educators in the music industry.

Participants must possess a proficient level of English to enroll in this program. We do not require proof of English language proficiency (e.g., TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo) as part of the enrollment or application process; however, you are expected to have a sufficient command of the English language to understand class material and assignments.

Required Materials

  • Laptop
  • Notebook and pencil
  • Smartphone or video camera
Once You've Enrolled

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