Advisory Group

Our group of advisors and mentors reflects our belief that cross-discipline thinking and diversity of perspectives are at the heart of a 21st-century education and act as catalysts for innovative ideas.

Canfield headshot

Stephen Canfield

Head of Host Marketing, Airbnb

Chang headshot

Tim Chang

Managing Director, Mayfield

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Foster headshot

James C. Foster

Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Charles River 

Image of Dan Harple

Dan Harple

Inventor, Entrepreneur; Founder, Shamrock Ventures

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Photo of Michael Hendrix

Michael Hendrix

Partner and Executive Design Director, IDEO

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Photo of Daniel Isenberg

Daniel Isenberg

Founding Director, Babson Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Platform

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Photo of Bill Kaiser

Bill Kaiser

Partner, Greylock Partners

Photo of John Kao

John Kao

Innovation Activist; CEO, EdgeMakers

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Photo of Jim Luchhese

Jim Lucchese

CEO, Sofar Sounds

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Photo of Tom Middleton

Thomas Middleton

Fellow, Advanced Leadership Initiative, Harvard University

Phtoto of Ron Nordin

Ron Nordin

Entrepreneur; Former Senior Partner, Atlas Venture

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Photo of Karen Korellis Reuther

Karen Korellis Reuther

Fellow, Advanced Leadership Initiative, Harvard University

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Photo Alex Rigopulos

Alex Rigopulos

Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, Harmonix

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Photo of Ken Umezaki

Ken Umezaki

CEO, Verifi Media

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Photo of Bill Warner

Bill Warner

Founder, Avid Technology, Inc.

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Photo of Tania Zouikin

Tania Zouikin

Chairman, 20-20 Investment Association

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Photo of Ken Zolot

Ken Zolot

Senior Lecturer, MIT School of Engineering

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