As a contemporary writing and production major, you’ll learn how to create and produce professional music recordings, exploring your role as a writer, producer, and conductor. Over eight semesters, while completing the college’s core music curriculum, you’ll acquire the aesthetic and technical skills required for work in a studio environment. You will work with a diverse community of musicians, faculty, and industry professional on the college’s Boston campus, with access our state of the art technology and recording facilities, combining your bachelor’s degree studies with real-world experience.



A Versatile Skill Set

The contemporary writing and production major enables students to become well-rounded musicians adept at turning concepts into music for any situation. An understanding of production technology and the mixing process becomes another part of the writer's toolkit, allowing a composer to better highlight each instrument's unique role in a composition. The dual focus of the major allows students to develop a flexible skill set that provides for limitless career possibilities in the changing music industry. 

Student Spotlight

From Practice Room to Stadium: Chainsmokers Keyboardist Tony Ann

While studying at Berklee, contemporary writing and production major Tony Ann started uploading his own arrangements of songs by the Chainsmokers to YouTube. The band saw the videos, and soon after, he was touring the world with the band.

Alumni Story

Alejandra Jimenez

A songwriter for television series, documentaries, and commercials, Alejandra Jimenez B.M. ’13 is a Colombian songwriter, composer, and producer who has established an impressive résumé for a young musician. Jimenez won her first award for songwriting at age 18 and eventually came to Berklee on a full scholarship from the Spanish Society of Authors and Publishers.

Meet Your Mentors

Chrissy Tignor, Assistant Professor of Contemporary Writing and Production

Learn from contemporary writing and production faculty such as Chrissy Tignor—a sought-after remix artist who has started programs like the Women, Technology, and Creativity series that seeks to further empower women in the studio as artists, producers, or both

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