To prepare you for your career as a contemporary composer and producer, you will have the opportunity to work in studios, labs, classrooms, and performance spaces that emulate conditions found in modern professional environments.

You will have access to performance venues, such as the Berklee Performance Center, the David Friend Recital Hall, the Lee and Alma Berk Recital Hall, the Oliver Colvin Recital Hall, or the Red Room at Cafe 939, as well as practice and rehearsal facilities. 

You will also have access to the Library and Learning Resources, such as the Creative Technology Center, which provides workstations along with a catalog of hardware available for circulation, assists students with technical questions, facilitates collaboration and experimentation, and offers peer-tutoring.

Production Suites and Technology Labs

Contemporary Writing and Production students have access to our state-of-the-art production suites, where you can record, write, mix and produce your music, in addition to many more studios, technology labs, production suites, and classrooms. 

Berklee's production suites provide similar professional equipment to our studios in a more personal in-the-box environment. Like our larger studios, these rooms are acoustically designed for an optimal listening environment. The production suites offer ideal acoustic spaces for small recording needs, mixing, writing and preproduction, and sound design.

The 160 Massachusetts Avenue production suites are designed for a composition and production paradigm, with each suite offering a MIDI keyboard and access to various sample libraries. These rooms support the contemporary writing and production program.

The technology labs can serve general technology needs and has specific software and instrument libraries to support the contemporary writing and production program. These labs are configured to integrate student laptops and mobile devices at each station. Two of these labs have a dedicated recording booth where students can record drums, piano, or other instruments.

Explore Berklee's Academic Technology Facilities