Arranging 1 for Entering Students

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In this practical course students work on the musical concepts of melody, rhythm, harmony and form as applied to the principles and techniques of writing and arranging for the rhythm section (drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, basic percussion) and a lead-line in a solo instrument, two horns (trumpet, alto or tenor sax) or voice. Students learn the conceptualization process of combining individual components to create a musically satisfying arrangement. Study of various contemporary musical styles and musical concepts that comprise them, including writing from the "bottom up" (groove-driven) and "top down" (working with a melody in a lead instrument or voice). Writing assignments will incorporate combinations of acoustic, electronic and/or MIDI instruments. The course includes a fast-pace overview of the fundamental concepts of music notation such as imaginary bar line, transposition, and rhythmic notation.

Satisfactory placement score
Required Of
All entering students with placement score into this course
Electable By
All entering students with placement score into this course
Semesters Offered
Fall, Spring, Summer
Course Chair
Amparo Edo Biol
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