Regional Volunteer Groups

Members of regional volunteer groups provide leadership for the alumni community and service to Berklee by giving their time, talent, and other resources to the college and encouraging others to do so as well. They attend regional volunteer group meetings and advise and assist staff in the planning, evaluation, and execution of Alumni Affairs programs and events.

Alumni volunteers:

  • know the mission of Berklee,
  • are active members of the alumni network,
  • consistently volunteer for alumni events and programs,
  • are in active communication with the Office of Alumni Affairs,
  • attend programs and network-sponsored events,
  • assist the Office of Alumni Affairs in identifying future alumni volunteers,
  • collaborate with Berklee staff on building regional and national programming and events, and
  • serve as regional contacts for the Berklee community.

Regional Networks

Alumni networks serve as regional outposts for the Berklee alumni community and provide communication, programming, events, and a general sense of solidarity that is unique to the community they represent.

Regional networks work with Berkleeā€™s Office of Alumni Affairs to determine programming, events, and relevant news and updates pertinent to the regional alumni community. The following regional networks are supported by a designated Alumni Affairs staff member.

  • Berklee Alumni Network of Atlanta
  • Berklee Alumni Network of Boston
  • Berklee Alumni Network of Denver
  • Berklee Alumni Network of Las Vegas
  • Berklee Alumni Network of Los Angeles
  • Berklee Alumni Network of Miami
  • Berklee Alumni Network of Nashville
  • Berklee Alumni Network of New York City
  • Berklee Alumni Network of the Pacific Northwest
  • Berklee Alumni Network of San Francisco/the Bay Area

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