Admissions Alumni Ambassadors

 Berklee's Admissions Alumni Ambassador Program encourages alumni to:

  • stay connected.
  • get involved.
  • volunteer.

Alumni ambassadors have the opportunity to be involved with assisting the Office of Admissions in identifying and recruiting talented applicants across the globe. These volunteers participate in college recruitment events, support the audition and interview initiative, and represent Berklee on and off campus to the general community. 

For more information about the program and how to apply, or if you are a current alumni ambassador, please visit our dedicated site. You can also email questions to

Read about a few of our admissions alumni ambassadors below. 

Martina Albano B.M. '14

Martina Albano '14

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Hometown: Milan, Italy
Instrument: Voice
Berklee Major(s)/Minor(s): Contemporary Writing and Production
Current Employment: Mastering engineer, director of music at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center

"The Admissions Alumni Ambassador Program provides a fantastic opportunity to stay connected to the Berklee network. As an ambassador, I am excited to help incoming students learn about everything that Berklee has to offer and identify opportunities within the college. I am also happy to assist new graduates in developing their space in the industry. After graduating, I had the invaluable help of Berklee alumni that made the transition from college to the professional world much easier!"


Antoine Fatout B.M. '14

Location: Columbus, Ohio
Hometown: Le Havre, France
Instrument: Percussion/Drum Set
Berklee Major(s)/Minor(s): Performance/Latin Music
Current Employment: Owner of Fa2 Drum Studio, music teacher, and performer

"The Admissions Alumni Ambassador Program is awesome! Since my graduation in 2014, I was able to stay in touch with the school and to help recruit the next generation of Berklee students. Being a part of the Audition and Interview process and college fairs in various cities in Ohio has given me the chance to connect directly with prospective students in the music community and share my Berklee experience with them. Furthermore, representing Berklee at a major percussion conference (Percussive Arts Society International Convention) since 2013 has provided me with an inspiring experience in the professional world and given me confidence to create my own business in Columbus.”

Jett Galindo B.M. '12

Location: Los Angeles, California
Hometown: Manila, Philippines
Instrument: Voice
Berklee Major(s)/Minor(s): Music Production and Engineering/Acoustics and Electronics
Current Employment: Audio mastering engineer at the Bakery

"There's nothing quite like the Admissions Alumni Ambassador Program when it comes to giving back to your alma mater on a personal level. I owe a lot of my current growth to the years I spent at Berklee College of Music. At the same time, I also think that the unique experiences I went through would be worth sharing with aspiring and up-and-coming Berklee students. By being an alumni ambassador, I get to share this knowledge and these experiences in the hopes that I can help young aspiring musicians get a better start with their Berklee education."


Chad Irvin B.M. '08

Location: Los Angeles, California
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Instrument: Saxophone
Berklee Major(s)/Minor(s): Music Business/Management
Current Employment: Licensing and royalties administrator, West One Music Group, Inc.

"I've had an amazing time working so closely with the Office of Admissions,  meeting amazing young musicians, and having a small part in what the future of Berklee looks like. Being a part of the Admissions Alumni Ambassador Program has been a truly fulfilling experience."


Liz Turner B.M. '10, M.M. '16 

Location: Brooklyn, New York
Hometown: Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Instrument: Voice
Berklee Major(s)/Minor(s): Performance (undergraduate), Contemporary Studio Performance (graduate)
Current Employment: Freelance performer, writer, and educator

"Connecting with Berklee alumni, current students, and prospective students around the world has been truly incredible! Supporting, encouraging, and inspiring one another to grow, challenge, and make their own unique marks in the music industry is what we as Berklee alumni can bring to the Admissions Alumni Ambassador Program."