Your First Year at Berklee

Get excited for your classes and extracurricular activities. Your time at Berklee will be filled with engaging experiences that connect you with your new community of peers, faculty, staff, and mentors who are here to support your journey. 

First Year Curriculum

We build your entire first semester schedule for you, taking into consideration your musical interests and preferences. You will participate in classes, labs, and ensembles that aim to advance your musical literacy, expand your artistry, and strengthen your overall musicianship. 


We will place you in your first semester ensemble based on an audition you’ll complete during orientation week. After that, it’s up to you to choose from over 350 ensembles, such as Big Band Jazz, Turntable Ensemble, and the Music of Joni Mitchell. Learn more about your options at

From Your Major to Your Career

All students at Berklee College of Music begin undeclared, so your first year is a great time to explore all facets of the music industry leading up to your first big decision: declaring your major. With 12 different majors, it can be hard to choose just one (or two), so we host a Berklee Majors and Minors Fair to help you better understand your options. Explore the possibilities at

Develop Your Career on and off Campus

The Berklee Career Center offers many opportunities to advance your professional skills that you can take advantage of the moment you arrive on campus.

Beyond the Classroom

There are many ways to connect with your new home away from home outside of class.