The Liberal Arts and Sciences Department at Berklee strives to provide a supportive environment for all students, regardless of color, race, ethnicity, sex, gender expression/identity, sexual orientation, health, ability, social class, religion, nationality, or personal background. Our strength is in our differences, and a diverse community promotes equity through the support of and respect for people with a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. We welcome the opportunities to work with and learn from each other.

Working in the arts requires writing, communication, and entrepreneurial skills, as well as excellent critical-thinking and problem-solving abilities.

With Berklee’s liberal arts and sciences curriculum, you’ll be empowered to express your sense of values, ethics, and civic engagement in an array of contexts, and you will relate your studies in the arts to politics, literature, and science. Ultimately, the broad knowledge and transferable skills you obtain in these courses will help you grow and develop holistically as a person while preparing you for the choices you will encounter throughout your life.

What Are the Liberal Arts and Sciences?

Liberal arts and sciences include the study of the following:

  • Humanities: literature, creative writing, poetry, philosophy, languages, communication, art history, history, music history, visual arts, drama, and more
  • Natural sciences/mathematics: biology, environmental science, acoustics, mathematics, and more
  • Social sciences: psychology, economics, sociology, anthropology, political science, women’s studies, Africana studies, and more