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Wayne Ward

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Career Highlights
  • Experienced music director, coach, accompanist, and choral and instrumental conductor
  • Extensive musical theater experience
  • Work with Glen Sauls, Metropolitan Opera Studio (New York); Danielle Morellino McLean, member of the Inaugural Celtics Dancers (Boston); Kerrin Clark, Miss Bay State 2007; and Constantine Maroulis, American Idol
  • M.M., Eastman School of Music
  • B.A., Tufts University
In Their Own Words

"When I interact with Berklee students, I strive for lots of enthusiasm and openness. I enjoy answering their questions and watching them grow as young professionals. I marvel at their curiosity, enthusiasm, interests, and of course, their musical and teaching talents."

"Here at Berklee, we strive to make music education classes as practical and relevant to a student's future teaching as possible. Students are given many opportunities to practice their teaching skills in front of their fellow classmates; they learn how to write lesson plans before they teach a lesson."

"I teach Vocal Methods, Vocal Conducting, and Vocal Rehearsal Techniques. One of the goals of each of these classes is for the teacher to be able to present correct vocal demonstrations to the student or group. The teacher needs to be able to make expressive conducting gestures that communicate the meaning of the music to the performers and, in turn, to the listeners. Students also learn how to lead well-organized choral rehearsals."

"I also teach music education keyboard—another important component of a music teacher's skill set. Sometimes a teacher needs to demonstrate pitches and rhythms at the keyboard. They may also need to create basic accompaniments and they may be called upon to play for school assemblies."

"I supervise Berklee student teachers during their practicum in the public schools. I require student teachers to prepare a written lesson plan before they teach. I encourage them to establish professional rapport with their cooperating teacher, their own students, as well as with their fellow faculty and administration during their student teaching practicum."

"I hope students come away from my classes with an increased sense of confidence in themselves and in their teaching so that when they find themselves in front of their own students they will conduct, speak, sing, or play an instrument confidently."

"It is a great thing to be able to make music well together. You know when all the musical elements have united to create an aesthetic experience for both the performers and the listeners. This is the ideal goal toward which I hope all my students will continue to aspire."