Equity Partners Program


The Equity Partners (EP) Program is a new initiative led by the ETUDE Faculty Scholars (login required), with support from the Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and is open to all faculty and staff at the College and Conservatory. Equity partners volunteer to undergo a series of professional development sessions on equity and on developing the knowledge and skills to ensure that all faculty, staff, and students feel welcome as full members of the Berklee community. Essential questions include the following:

  • How do we address the inequities of race, gender, privilege, or class?
  • How do we build classroom and workplace environments that are deliberate in their inclusiveness?

Who can be an equity partner?

All College and Conservatory faculty and staff are invited to become equity partners. The larger the network, the more of an impact this group can make. No experience with discussing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion is required; the only requirement is an interest in such conversations.

Neither ETUDE scholars nor equity partners claim to be experts in any topic around diversity, equity, and inclusion, and the EP Program does not certify anyone as such. The equity partners designation recognizes that you’ve chosen to be a part of this important conversation and set aside time to engage in (often challenging) dialogues with your colleagues. By purposefully focusing on the learning and working environments within Berklee, equity partners show their commitment to working together to make Berklee a safe place for all to learn, work, and play.

Equity partners:

  • have questions;
  • want to learn more from and about their colleagues and students;
  • are open to examining their teaching practices; and
  • are willing to make themselves known as agents of support and encouragement.

Becoming an equity partner entitles you to:

  • receive a sticker to affix to a laptop or office door;
  • add an equity partner icon to your email signature and online faculty bio page, which says, “This is a safe space. I am an ally.” to the community; and
  • be added to a list of equity partners on campus, allowing you to make yourself known as an agent of support for students, faculty, and staff, and an ambassador of the EP Program and mission.

How do I become an equity partner?

To become an equity partner, you must attend a single, two-hour Equity Partner Foundations session. The sessions are facilitated by ETUDE faculty scholars and are offered throughout the semester. During the session, you will engage in dialogue with colleagues on topics and questions central to equity in teaching and learning, as well as discuss and unpack terminology and vocabulary fundamental to our understanding of identity, belonging, and civil and human rights. This session is intended to provoke as many questions as it answers with the hope that attendees will want to further explore—and put into practice—pedagogical practices that enhance equity in teaching and learning.

Sessions are capped at 12 participants each. Faculty and staff may view and sign up for upcoming Equity Partners Foundations sessions on the ETUDE Workshops and Events page (login required).

Current Faculty and Staff Equity Partners

Name Department
Lee Abe Contemporary Writing and Production
Deborah Adams Academic Affairs, Boston Conservatory at Berklee
Cecil Adderley Music Education
Pooja Agarwal Liberal Arts
Enric Alberich Study Abroad/Summer Programs, Berklee Valencia
Rachel Alina Music Production and Engineering, Berklee Online
Libby Allison Music Education
Joy Arcolano Theater, Boston Conservatory at Berklee
Bryn Austin Theater, Boston Conservatory at Berklee
Sheryl Bailey Guitar
Micaela Basilici Admissions
Tom Baskett Voice
Gina Beck Voice, Boston Conservatory at Berklee
Rhoda Bernard Music Education
Amparo Edo Biol Contemporary Writing and Production
Gaynor Blandford Liberal Arts
Sally Blazar Liberal Arts
Alicia Bower Liberal Arts
Janelle Browning Marketing and Communications
Marilyn Bulli Voice, Boston Conservatory at Berklee
George Case Voice, Boston Conservatory at Berklee
Daniel Castelar Music Production, Technology, and Innovation, Berklee Valencia
Rachel Catanzariti Theater, Boston Conservatory at Berklee
Cristi Catt Voice
Robert Chambers Community and Government Relations
Janet Chwalibog Liberal Arts
Kareem Clarke Songwriting
Rebecca Cline Ensembles
Peggy Codding Music Therapy
Patsy Collins Bandes Theater, Boston Conservatory at Berklee
Kasey Cox Berklee City Music Boston
Alex Crosett Theater
Jim Donahue Music Production and Engineering
Jan Donley Liberal Arts
Laura Duncan Theater, Boston Conservatory at Berklee
Emma Fernandez Berklee Online
Dominick Ferrara Music Education
Eunice Flanders Liberal Arts
Lacretia Flash Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Ty-Juana Flores Office of Innovation and Strategy
Sarah Ford Theater
Jon Forsyth Global Entertainment and Music Business, Berklee Valencia
Ryan Fossier Core Music Studies, Boston Conservatory at Berklee
Laura Gatzkiewicz-Mangono Berklee Valencia
Bradford Gleim Voice
Jazelynn Goudy Dance, Boston Conservatory at Berklee
Cynthia Grammer Music Education
Nate Greenslit Liberal Arts
Lucy Holstedt Harmony
Dana James Alumni Affairs
Alexis Jasek Institutional Research and Assessment
Michael Johnson Contemporary Writing and Production
Ryan Jones Concert Operations
Pam Kerensky Music Business
Theresa Lang Theater, Boston Conservatory at Berklee
Stefani Langol Music Education
Victoria Large Liberal Arts
Francie Latour Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Geneviève LeClair  Composition
Shannon LeClaire Woodwinds
Yoon-Ji Lee Composition
Sharan Leventhal Strings
Allen LeVines Composition
Claire Marie Lim Electronic Production and Design
Reggie Lofton Video Services
Alex Ludwig Liberal Arts
Faith Lueth Music Education
Ron Mahdi Ensembles
Mike Maieli Academic Affairs (Institutional Assessment)
Rebecca Marchand Core Music, Boston Conservatory at Berklee
Kaimy Masse Ensembles
Margaret McAllister Composition
Brian McGinnis Dance, Boston Conservatory at Berklee
Emily McInerney Enrollment Marketing
Maureen McMullan External Affairs
Rekha Menon Liberal Arts
Catalina Millan (Scheiding) Berklee Valencia
Nicole Mlynczak Career Center
Nichelle Mungo Voice
Bridget Murphy Music Education
Kera Murphy Academic Advising
JK Lynn Nash Berklee Online
Matthew Nicholl Professional Writing and Music Technology
Gabe Nichols Technology Training and Support
Liza Nichols Technology Resources
Jasmine Parker Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Walter Pavasaris Professional Music
Anne Peckham Voice
Jeff Perry Contemporary Writing and Production
Jes Perry Professional Music
Rene Pfister Voice
Viktorija Pilatovic Contemporary Performance (Production Concentration), Berklee Valencia
Nicholas Poche International Student Services
Nedelka Prescod Ensembles
Becky Prior Institutional Research and Assessment
Ruth Ristich Ear Training
Rachel Rome Electronic Production and Design
Mischa Salkind-Pearl Core Music, Boston Conservatory at Berklee
Joe Santerre Bass
Joel Schwindt Core Music, Boston Conservatory at Berklee
Danielle Scott Ensembles
Susan Scotti Concert Operations
Elizabeth Seitz Core Music, Boston Conservatory at Berklee
Jarritt Sheel Music Education
Eunmi Shim Harmony
Harry Skoler Woodwinds
Abria Smith Community and Government Relations
Kristin Snyder Career Center
Stacey Snyder Libraries and Learning Resources
Loudon Stearns Contemporary Writing and Production
Michelle Sterling Liberal Arts
Yamil Suarez Library Systems and Web Development
Jeri Sykes Contemporary Writing and Production
Chrissy Tignor Contemporary Writing and Production
Dennis Trainor Theater, Boston Conservatory at Berklee
Pablo Vargas  Libraries and Learning Resources
Marta Verde (Baquiero) Music Production, Technology, and Innovation, Berklee Valencia
Wayne Ward Music Education
Kaoruko Yoshida-Pilkington Voice
Katherine Young Composition