Todd Gardner

Associate Professor
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Todd Gardner has spent over 20 years as a musician, consultant, litigator, mediator, facilitator, lecturer, and problem-solver in contexts as varied as contracts, environmental and health law, entertainment law, after-school arts programs for at-risk youth, civil and criminal litigation, interagency negotiations, workplace and land-use conflicts, and business development. He has worked as an official non-governmental organization observer at the United Nations Framework Climate Change Convention in Copenhagen, Denmark. In addition, Gardner is the drummer for the JD Moffat Quartet.

In Their Own Words

"Our world is in desperate need of educated citizens who have the ability to critically and creatively think, problem solve, communicate, and collaborate. Students majoring in or taking courses in music business/management have the unique advantage of exploring and learning all of these core areas of success through the universal language of music."

"My background includes music, business, law, and teaching. I have interfaced with producers, directors, composers, and music store owners; filed trademarks and copyrights; and advised clients as to what entities to form for their particular situation, and the ramifications from liability, operations, and tax perspectives. I take the education of students and their professional development seriously. I hope to impress upon them the importance of cultivating professional relationships and networking within the music industry and beyond."  

"Many of my students, after they leave Berklee, will not only be artists, but also business owners, doctors, lawyers, software developers, entrepreneurs, and leaders in all aspects of society. I want each of my students to have the best possible experience at Berklee and feel prepared not only for business, but for life."