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Pam Kerensky

Associate Professor
Affiliated Departments

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Career Highlights
  • Freelance electric bassist, songwriter, and arranger
  • Member of Boston-based bands Caged Heat and Punching Monday
  • Former web and database developer for IDG, Inc. companies NetworkWorld, ITWorld, and Accela Communications
  • Creator and editor of the Music Business/Management Department email newsletter
  • Web designer/developer for the Music Business/Management department, Heavy Rotation Records, and Jazz Revelation Records websites
  • Database, web development, and online marketing consultant for bands and small businesses
  • Member, Epsilon Pi Tau, the International Honor Society for Professions in Technology, Women in Technology International, American Association of University Women, and National Association of Professional Women
In Their Own Words

"I teach computer applications in the music industry, web design and management, web development for e-business, and a few others. It's about developing ways of getting your information out there. Having those technology skills will allow you to build your business, whether it's yourself, if you're a solo artist, or you're working for a company that's promoting artists. It also teaches attention to detail and aesthetics. A lot of companies are excited when they have a new intern or a new hire who knows about all these different things. It's a different generation. You need to have those skills now."