Louis Fabrizio

Assistant Professor
Affiliated Departments

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Career Highlights
  • Principal, Fabrizio/Fortuna Inc.
  • B.S., Bentley College
  • M.B.A., Nichols College
In Their Own Words

"Principles of Business Management is a prerequisite for any other courses a music business major will take. What I'm trying to accomplish in the course is cover all the broad brushstroke principles in business management. So we go from leadership and decision-making to ethics and social responsibility to human resource management to employee behavior and motivation."

"I have them do a business plan. There are six components to the plan, and they work on them through the course of the semester. At the end what they have is a plan that covers everything from what the name of their business is to the mission statement to how they would have a competitive advantage or differentiate themselves. They create an organization chart, identify the people they would hire, create job descriptions, make financial projections that show how much money they think they might make, and do a balance sheet and income statement. If they were thinking of starting their own business, there isn't anybody who's going to give them any funding unless they have a business plan."

"When you think of critical thinking and creative thinking, most traditional business school students tend to be critical and analytical thinkers. They really don't have great peripheral vision. The beauty of Berklee students is that they are creative by nature. That's why they're here. So they take those creative skills that are inherent in their music abilities and translate those to the problems people are confronted with in the business world today."