The Berklee Music and Health Institute engages the innovative ecosystem of academic, artistic, scientific, entrepreneurial, and technological talent, bringing together the most creative minds to help accelerate ideation and develop solutions that can improve health and wellbeing for individuals and communities.

Launched through a grant from the Barr Foundation, the institute explores the intersections of music, medicine, and health, and partners with experts in academia, science, business, technology, and the music industry to:

  • advance professional opportunities, collaborations, innovation, and education in the music and health space.  
  • address and promote essential issues related to the health and well-being of musicians.  
  • promote the use of music to address the cognitive, social, and emotional goals of individuals and groups in healthcare settings, including musicians and nonmusicians alike.  
  • facilitate conversations and convene experts in the field to explore new ways of informing and supporting musicians, educators, students, technology developers, the medical community, and the general public.
  • spark creativity and generate the creation of new ideas and resources

Watch this video to see what happened at our Music and Health Innovation Summit, at which key experts and stakeholders in the fields of music, science, business, and biotechnology worked to identify critical music and health challenges posed to hackers in the April 5–7 Hackathon.

Featured Conversations Video

Watch what music therapist Jasmine Edwards has to say about the benefits of music in neonatal intensive care units, and then check out more on-on-one interviews in our Conversations video series, featuring key experts offering their perspectives on the intersection of music, medicine, technology, and health and wellness.


 Berklee Music and Health Institute

 Berklee Music and Health Institute